Thursday, October 8, 2009

by Nick Ryan

VAT Advisory ImageA key focus for businesses when considering VAT is that they ensure that their business optimise VAT planning opportunities to ensure their VAT throughput is efficient. By doing so they can provide for a positive cash flow position and avoid potential pitfalls and inefficiencies. We at the VAT Practice can provide you with the specialist input and experience to help your meets achieve this aim.

The VAT Practice advisory services include:

  • Providing advice on the VAT aspects of transactions including new products and new customer contracts.

  • Advice on property transactions both in Ireland and the UK including advice and assistance in the development of VAT efficient property transactions.

  • Providing advice on the VAT aspects on new business arrangements including commissionaire structures, cross border transactions.

  • Advice on business acquisitions and disposals.

If you are interested in our VAT Online Advisory Support services and would welcome more information on this service then please complete the form below and click the submit button.

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