VAT AssuranceThe VAT practice is aware, particularly in these current times, of businesses’ need to manage their costs and ensure their compliance procedures and measures meet their tax obligations. Ineffective VAT management can represent a major cost risk and compliance burden for businesses. By utilising our services, the VAT Practice can work with your business to manage the compliance and reporting requirements, identify weaknesses and implement changes that produce the necessary mechanisms to ensure compliance and reporting requirements are met while ensuring that these represent clear benefits to the business.

The VAT practice assurance services include;

  • VAT Assurance retainer service: a bespoke, client driven service whereby businesses receive a committed level of support on VAT issues, queries and concerns that provides them with the level of assurance they need in order to manage their VAT reporting and compliance obligations; for more information contact the VAT Practice at

  • Revenue audit management service: We can provide businesses with a complete support service for the management of Revenue audits encompassing the preliminary preparations required to prepare for the audit, management of the audit itself including the opening meeting with Revenue and assistance in ensuring a positive closure of the audit; for more information contact the VAT Practice at

  • Compliance/Risk management assurance reviews.

  • Due diligence services for business acquisitions and disposals.

  • VAT liability of supplies including technical notes to support the VAT treatment applied for Revenue scrutiny.

  • VAT compliance services, both in Ireland and internationally, including VAT registration, VAT returns completion and cross-border VAT reclaims.

  • Review, development and preparation of VAT compliance manuals.

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