VAT Risk Assessment Service

In these times, more than ever, it is essential that a business accounts for and manages its VAT affairs correctly. Failure to do so can result in a significant cost to a business not just in dealing with any errors found but, in the associated cost to the business in remedying matters and implementing the necessary changes to their accounting procedures to ensure future compliance.

The VAT Practice has developed this straightforward, easy to use tool for businesses registered for VAT to provide them with a cost efficient and fast way of completing a quick “VAT health check” without incurring any cost to them. A business at any time can now take a snapshot of their business from a VAT accounting and management perspective and determine whether there are any issues they should consider or matters to address. The VAT Risk Assessment Service provides the business with the opportunity of taking a proactive stance in managing their VAT affairs and in applying the necessary medicine to avoid any potential costs to them.

Please submit your completed assessment and we will provide you with our free overview of your businesses’ VAT health status.

Completing the Assessment Questionnaire

The Questionaire is divided into a number of sections covering various aspects of VAT. We have endeavoured to keep the Assessment Questionnaire to be as concise as possible, our purpose is to provide a high level view of a businesses’ VAT function and not undertake any detailed examination of a business from a VAT perspective.

Please note that this VAT Risk Assessment Questionnaire should not be relied upon by a business in determining their VAT compliance for Revenue purposes.

Each question is answered by identifying either “Yes/No/Don’t know”. The Questionnaire is divided into sections covering various elements for VAT reporting and accounting. This allows for the VAT Practice to assess the possible level of risk for a business on a section by section basis and thereby a greater focus for the business can be provided.

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VAT Risk Assessment Tool