The VAT Retainer Service

Following on from the success of our VAT Assure Service we have launched The VAT Retainer Service to fulfil identified needs for accounting practices, finance and accounts departments.
The VAT Retainer service is one that can assist you, and your clients, in managing the complexities of VAT and in meeting the compliance and reporting obligations that VAT requires. We are all aware too often of the result in failing to get things right and the significant cost to a business both financially and in time in correcting matters. Our VAT Retainer service is designed to provide you with an outsourced in-house VAT specialist support you need to manage the VAT issues and queries that arise.

The VAT Practice can provide you with a packaged retainer service encompassing:
– Access to a VAT specialist when you need;
– Access by telephone or email, a written response to all queries/advice sought;
– Priority 48 hour response time and;
– A discounted fee rate applied to units purchased.
In essence, you purchase the level of VAT support you want, and, use it when you need it. If you need to extend this then further blocks of units can be purchased.

For accountants we can:
– Assist the tax team in dealing with day to day VAT queries
– Provide guidance and steerage on VAT issues
– Technical sign off for advice provided by the team
– Comfort and assurance on managing VAT responses
– Support to the audit team in clarifying VAT issues arising from the audit process
– Quick query resolution

For finance and accounts teams:
– VAT sign off on projects
– VAT input on new structures and product development
– Revenue audit support
– Management of day to day VAT queries
– VAT compliance and risk assessment

If you are looking for:
– A quick answer
– Comfort and assurance to your research
– Confirmation on whether you are looking in the right direction
– Need a VAT input for a project
– Am I right or wrong confirmation
Then the VAT Retainer could be the service for you.

VAT Retainer packages start at a minimum of 12 units, each unit is 30 minutes. A unit should normally cover a quick telephone query and written email confirmation.
Units are priced at €75 exclusive of VAT with a minimum purchase of 12 units @ €900 exclusive of VAT. Payment is made either monthly or quarterly in advance. Units can be purchased in 12, 18, 24, 36 blocks, and more with further discounts on the unit price being available for block purchases of more than 36 units.
Some VAT issues can be more complex than others such as property, VAT exemptions or travel industry issues and therefore these may require a more significant time input depending on the nature of the question. In all instances where we identify a significant time input requirement then we will discuss this with you and agree how to proceed prior to commencing any work.
The VAT Retainer service provides you with the access to VAT specialist input when you require it without the associated costs if you were to access the same assistance through some of the current Big 4 channels.
To sign up for the VAT Retainer service, or for more information about the service, then please contact Nick Ryan on or by telephone on + 353 2388 38181