VAT Assure: Quick Query VAT Resolution service

VAT Assure service is an innovative service providing businesses with a quick query resolution service on VAT issues and questions for a fixed fee. The service is designed to deal with a range of VAT issues that can arise and require specialist input in order to provide the appropriate level of sign off and assurance on VAT.

Who should use the service:
– Accountants
– Finance managers/Financial controllers for large companies, Plc’s
– Finance managers/financial controllers for Owner managed businesses and SME’s
– Book keepers
– Legal practices

What VAT issues are covered:
Any question on VAT can be answered or managed by this service, even for the more complex issues where there would be an expectation of significant input and investment might be required can be managed using this service.
– VAT sign off on ad hoc queries including “Am I right or wrong” VAT appraisal and sign off on your answer.
– Quick assurance on the VAT liability/treatment of a product, supply or service.
– Appraisal of VAT issues for a business, new product line, new transaction arrangement, and new customer.
– Quick appraisal of Revenue investigations and queries.

Benefits to you:
– Response within 48 hours, based on the information provided.
– Fixed fee based on a maximum time input.
– Comfort and assurance on the management of VAT issues arising.
– Access to an experienced VAT specialist when required.
– Advice you can rely on.
– Control of service and costs, up front estimate for fees where additional input is required.
– No quibble fee with no hidden costs.
– Levels of service to meet your requirements.

The service is provided to cover both ad hoc queries and those that may require a greater investment. All queries that can be answered within a one hour remit will be provided at a fixed rate of Euro 115 (exclusive of VAT).
Where it is identified that the query requires an input of greater than the standard input then a fee estimate will be provided, the fee estimate will incorporate the fixed rate agreed for the first hour and additional time over and above the time input offered will be charged at an hourly rate of Euro 175 per additional hour.
Responses to queries will be made, unless circumstances prevent, within 48 hours.
The completed template then can be easily printed and filed for record purposes and also provides for risk assurance in that the answer provided is solely based on the information contained within the submitted query template form.
In order to use this service we provide you with a template query form which should be completed per query and allows for additional information, for instance example invoice, to be sent with the form by email.
For more information either complete the “Register your interest” form through the link provided or contact Nicholas Ryan at or call him on 02388 3818