VAT services for accountants

We are pleased as a practice to provide our clients, especially those in the accounting sector, with a range and diversity of services that are often tailored to meet their specific needs.
A common factor that our accounting clients have identified is that in using our services they not only benefit in terms of added value to their client in having access to a specialist service but also in time saved to focus on their core business activities. In essence we are considered as not only good for their clients but also good for their business.
Below is a synopsis of these services which are provided in tandem with our VAT Assure service or stand alone. For further information on our services and how we can assist you in advising your clients then please contact me.

This is an add on service provided to firms when they require a sign off or secondary review of the VAT advice they have prepared in order to meet risk management requirements. Our input is restricted to confirmation on whether the advice provided is correct or not, together with, if required, a summary of recommendations for points to be included or changes to be made. The service is offered at two levels:
For routine advisory letters, a fixed fee of Euro 225 exc. VAT
For more significant advisory letters, a fixed fee of Euro 575 exc. VAT

Aware of the complexities that are involved in managing property transactions, particularly acquisitions, disposals and for restructuring projects, together with the issues arising from the “new” rules vs. “old” rules we have developed a bespoke fixed fee service that provides your client with;
A VAT appraisal of the transaction,
Recommendations for the steps to be taken to complete the transaction,
Consideration on minimising the impact of VAT,
Clarification on the impact of the Capital Goods Scheme,
Assistance with the completion of Pre Contract Enquiries and,
Confirmation on what VAT clauses are to be used for the contract.
This service has been developed to assist in the smooth and efficient completion of property transactions and provides for an opinion that can be relied upon by both parties in the transaction.
We provide this service for a fixed fee of Euro 875 exc. VAT.
Please complete our Contact form and include the word “Property” in the comments section for more information or telephone me to discuss a particular property transaction..

A Revenue audit can be one of the most stressful things a business undergoes and can, if not managed properly, result in a significant cost to the business both in time and money and, sometimes in closure.
Revenue Aspect reviews can often develop into an audit if not managed proactively and there is a need to treat any correspondence from Revenue with a high degree of care to ensure that any impact is limited and costs managed.
We can provde tiered assistance with the management of these issues including:
Preliminary input in determining the potential problems and considering these in line with the resulting possible levels of significance and materiality.
Provide input on the management of the review and any negotiations with Revenue.
Assist in the preparation of any disclosure required.
Provide input and support on any post audit actions.
To start why not utilise our Risk Assessment questionnaire to see what issues can be clearly identified.
Please complete our Contact form and include “Revenue Audit” in the comments section for more information on how we can assist or telephone me to discuss, under no obligation, a client audit concern.

In these difficult times for businesses any opportunity that can identify cost savings and which can lead to an improvement in the bottom line profit need to be considered. Recent surveys have clearly identified that the majoirty of businesses are ignoring VAT when considering their business strategy and this is resulting in an increased liability in excess of 20% for error on a businesses VAT throughput. VAT is one tax that Revenue focus on to improve their tax yields and simple compliance errors are generally the low hanging fruit that produce the greatest harvest for them.
If your clients can improve their management of the VAT function then, by doing so, there is the potential for a marked reduction in costs and an improvement to their bottom line profit.
Our Client Care VAT review aims to:
Provide the additional comfort to the client on the management of their VAT affairs
Identify areas where improvement can be made to improve efficiencies and thereby reduce costs, and
Provide for opportunities for additional project work for your firm in delivering these findings.
Working with you we can provide Client Care Strategy reviews that look to improve the businesses overall VAT position. We are not looking for historical errors but rather for ways to improve VAT efficiencies and thereby drive down costs.
Please complete our Contact form and include “Client care” in the comments section. Alternatively telephone me if you would like to discuss a particular client and/or are interested in introducing a VAT Client Care programme within your practice.

Keeping up to date with VAT is an essential prerequisite for accountants when advising their clients and assisting them in their compliance management.
We provide accounting practices with tailored CPD VAT workshops and training sessions that are designed with the client’s input to not only cover the key topics identified by them but also to be delivered at the preferred level of knowledge that suits their needs.
From experience our workshops have provided the best forum from which those attending can gain the most benefit in understanding the topics discussed and in providing a conduit for open discussion on the “live” issues.
The sessions can be provided on site and at time that is convenient to you and the least disruptive to the practice and, can be provided from as little as Euro 95 per head.
We can also provide bespoke sessions for key staff.
Please complete our Contact form and include “Training” in the comments section if you would be interested in running a VAT workshop or require specific training on VAT. Alternatively telephone me to discuss your particular requirements.