VAT Technical Support service launched: unlimited access from €95 per month

Thursday, April 13, 2017

by Nick Ryan

The VAT Practice has been providing leading edge VAT support services to accountants and SME/OMB’s in Ireland and the UK for over seven years. We have developed a unique support service that provides access to VAT specialist advice for as little as €95 per month AND also provides fee based rewards and benefits.
This is a new and proactive approach to providing access to VAT specialist advisory services and one which is unique in that it shifts from the traditional concept of time input to access based on need and is cost and quality driven. Its cost effectiveness to your business is unmatched by any other specialist VAT service provider.
Under the new VAT Technical Support service we provide you with unlimited access, by telephone or email, to our VAT specialist knowledge to cover a range of questions, queries and, clarification on VAT issues. The service essentially manages those quick questions on the application of VAT, identifying VAT issues for a specific client, confirmation on best practice for VAT compliance, comfort and assurance to support any internal VAT advice prepared by your team and, general discussions on VAT issues, planning ideas and, the completion of VAT Returns.
This VAT Technical Support service can assist your practice or, Finance team, in managing the questions and issues on VAT you encounter, providing you with direct access to VAT specialist input without the need to monitor cost, and it may also reduce your time in researching VAT questions thereby allowing you to focus on your core business. Your questions will be addressed in a timely and efficient manner providing you with the comfort and assurance that your VAT issues are being managed by the VAT Technical Support service.
By signing up for our VAT services you can utilise our Benefits pack which provides a number of attractive choices to your practice including our rewards programme for significant projects.
Our expertise in VAT covers Irish, UK, EU and international VAT issues and this expertise is applied to the Technical Support service.
The low cost entry level is an attractive and cost efficient way for you to service your clients VAT issues or, manage your VAT function. This facility is not available through other VAT specialist providers and has been developed from our experience in working with accounting practices and Finance teams in listening to their needs.
The VAT Technical Support service is available under three level of access under a two year contract starting at €95 per month for single users with plans available for multi user requirements. All options provided for under a one business day response to calls or emails. The service does not cover the management of more complex VAT issues though we can manage these under a preferential rate for Support service users.
I believe that this new and proactive approach to managing your practice’s day to day VAT requirements at such a low cost entry level is an attractive and cost efficient way for you to service your client’s VAT issues and cannot be challenged by other specialist VAT service providers.

For more information on the Service and the Benefits pack, then request a call by emailing Annette at or telephone on 023 8838181.

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