The VAT Practice launch The VAT Practice Newsletter

Friday, October 1, 2010

by Nick Ryan

Welcome to Issue 1 of the VAT Practice’s newsletter for accounting firms and practices.
Firstly I would like to thank you for the high level of interest you have shown in the newsletter prior to release.
Our newsletter is designed to provide support to accounting practices in Ireland through articles on specific VAT matters, industry focused VAT issues and commentary on recent Irish Revenue updates and Global news. Our intention is to provide you with information and key pointers that you can apply practically in the delivery of your service to your clients and in identifying key factors that require addressing which provide added value to your clients.
Secondary to this is our aim to develop this newsletter as a forum for accounting practices to share news on VAT matters including Revenue activity, war stories and case studies. Therefore we welcome your input and please take the opportunity to provide us with feedback, suggestions on topics for inclusion and case studies etc.
I hope you find the newsletter interesting and useful to you and welcome your feedback. Our next issue is scheduled for November though, if any major issues on VAT occur prior to this then we will send you a VAT alert.
Thank you and enjoy
Nick Ryan, Principal

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